Our Story


 The love of a child is unconditional. It just happens when you learn of that little person's existence. The same goes for a grandchild, ten-fold. You're excited about every stage of growth. When I learned my beloved granddaughter had food intolerances and had to have a modified diet, I was very surprised. Nothing like this was ever mentioned about any family member.


My daughter did all the research, took my "special girl" to the necessary doctor's, allergist's, and naturopathic appointments to find what the issue was, what she could do or needed to do to help her child with these intolerances. As she learned, she passed the knowledge along to me. I mean, if  special girl is at my house I want to make sure I'm not giving her anything that will affect her condition. And I was NOT going to lose my special time with this little girl!


My eyes were forced open to all of the genetically modified products I was using. I found that foods and personal hygiene products I thought were healthy, were not.


This lead to learning about natural products, ingredients, and organic products. I started making small batches of soaps thinking I could cut out the GMO ingredients I was using and go toward more natural soaps and lotions. Some attempts came out great, others were a huge flop. I passed along my soaps asking for feedback as this was important to me. And then I realized I really enjoyed making these soaps and lotions, that I could try selling them at the local swap meet while my husband was selling his items. One thing lead to another and here I am!


I hope anyone buying and using my soaps and lotions will enjoy them and be comfortable knowing we make as pure, clean, and natural product as possible.